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My Work​

I have been practicing in the Kingston, NY area for the last fifteen years. My mission is to “help you do you.” I want you to be able to sit through a full day of work, sleep through the night, hike Overlook Mountain, lift your grandchild, play your violin, stand long enough to prepare a meal, or excel in your sport.

I will work with you to:

  • understand and address pain or limitations, whether acute or long-standing. We can also work together to prevent future episodes.

  • recover from injuries or surgeries. In fact, our work can sometimes prevent or postpone the need for surgery.

  • learn how to do your daily activities with more ease, safety, and less pain.

We begin by examining the nature of your issue and identifying contributing factors. We develop a plan specific to you. We set clear goals and I assess progress at every session. I integrate osteopathic manual techniques with posture and movement training along with an individualized exercise program to yield lasting results quickly and gently.

How I Got Here

I graduated at the top of my class with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA in 2007. My goal upon graduating was to work with the best manual therapists in the Hudson Valley. This brought me to Nina Silverman Physical Therapy, where I practiced for 12 years.

I learn continuously from my patients, colleagues, and research. Over the last few years, I have prioritized Fascial Counterstrain in my continuing education. This is an evolving field of osteopathic manual therapy. As I develop my skills in this technique, I find I can identify and release restrictions much faster and effect change much deeper in the fascial structure. My patients appreciate the quick, gentle progress to their goals.

Before becoming a physical therapist, I ran my own custom furniture business. Once I mastered the mechanical and aesthetic skills of working with the temperamental medium of wood, I was ready for the challenge of the human body! These days, I spend most of my woodworking energy on home renovation projects. I also love to hike, canoe, swim, and dance in our beautiful Hudson Valley.

Fascial Counterstrain

Click here to visit the website to read more about Fascial Counterstrain.

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