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Please contact me to make, change, or cancel an appointment, or to discuss becoming a new patient. You can email me at, or call me at 845-202-3397. I try to return all emails and calls within 24 hours.

Insurance and Payment

I am out of network with all insurance companies except Medicare. (I do not participate with Medicare Advantage plans.) This practice model allows me to schedule more time for appointments and to spend all my appointment time on direct one-on-one care. My rates are $140 for the standard evaluation and treatment if time allows, up to one hour long. If we can't find an hour slot in the schedule, we can schedule a 45 minute evaluation for $110. 45 minute follow-ups are $90. If you have out of network benefits, I can provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please provide 24 hour notice to change or cancel an appointment

Without sufficient notice, I may be unable to make your appointment slot available to other patients. In this event, there may be a fee of half the cost of your scheduled visit.

Referral from your physician and Direct Access

A physician signature is required if you have Medicare insurance. Read more in the next paragraph below. Otherwise, we can work together without a referral through Direct Access. However, if our episode of care continues beyond 10 visits or 30 days (whichever comes first), we must have a physician review and sign off on our plan of care.

More information on Medicare

I am in-network with traditional Medicare plans, and will also bill secondary or supplemental plans. I am out-of-network with Medicare Advantage plans. Please clarify with your Medicare insurance plan whether you have traditional Medicare, or a Medicare Advantage plan. For patients who will be using their traditional Medicare plans, Medicare requires that your physician sign off on our plan of care after our evaluation. If your physician will not sign off on our plan of care, Medicare will not cover your physical therapy and you will be responsible for the cost of our session(s). Please discuss your plans for physical therapy with your physician and make sure that he or she will approve your physical therapy plan of care. Medicare covers 80% of the cost of the session. The remaining bill will go to your secondary or supplemental plan. They may cover all, none, or some of the remaining 20% of the cost. For a typical 45 minute follow-up session, that is about $20.


Plan for up to one hour. Please bring the following if you have them: physician referral, reports (MRI, X-ray, EMG, etc.), list of medical history, list of medications. Please wear loose clothing or clothing that can expose the involved body part and your usual shoes. Follow the COVID-19 precautions for our facility listed at the bottom of this page.


45 Minute Follow-Ups

Most follow-up sessions are 45 minutes. I suggest two follow-up sessions per week for acute or post-operative conditions or one follow-up session per week for chronic or longer-duration conditions.

30 Minute Follow-Ups

Most follow-up sessions are 45 minutes. I suggest 30 minute follow-ups only if we are working on an uncomplicated acute or post-operative condition.


Please contact me to set up telemedicine session(s). I love Zoom sessions when they're appropriate for what we want to accomplish!

COVID-19 precautions

Wear a well-fitting mask to your appointment. Contact me ahead of time if you have symptoms of illness, COVID or otherwise, or have been exposed to anyone who has been ill. If you have any doubt or uncertainty in your mind, just let me know and we can postpone our next appointment or make it a telemedicine session until we are sure. Our air is triple filtered with HEPA and UV filters. I see only one patient at a time. I wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant between patients.

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