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Child Physiotherapy


Laura is so skilled and insightful, and the results of our sessions have exceeded my most optimistic expectations. At 68, my body feels and looks better than it has in decades. Honestly. Laura guided me to develop an enjoyable 10-25 minute exercise routine, that I do all or part of at least every other day, which has corrected a myriad of joint ailments that my previous attempts to exercise had either caused or aggravated. Before discovering Laura, my body had become increasingly vulnerable to joint-related injuries that had sabotaged repeated attempts to stay fit.

Laura has impressively extensive knowledge and a very comprehensive set of skills in PT. Combine this with her talents of genuinely caring, of listening compassionately to a patient's concerns and questions, and then insightfully explaining and demonstrating perfectly tailored therapy - and you have the best physical therapist imaginable. I am so grateful.

Suzanne Hellman, Shokan, NY

I highly recommend Laura as an exceptionally gifted and effective physical therapist. Laura’s knowledge is above and beyond that of a normal physical therapist. She has educated herself, and continues to learn in new areas of physical therapy which are extremely effective and reliable. She consistently was able to get me out of pain after injuries and into functioning better than when I started with her, such that I didn’t need to have surgery after one particular injury.


Laura also has the added qualities of kindness, empathy, compassionate listening and a gentle touch. She has a very positive attitude, cheerful manner, an enthusiastic love for her work with clients, not to mention a good sense of humor – all of which make working with Laura a true joy!

M.D., retired professional dancer

Laura is a very kind, pleasant, understanding, patient practitioner with a unique approach to PT. She is a skilled, intelligent therapist who upgrades her knowledge and skill set by attending conferences. I found her to be organized, a good listener and communicator. After practicing strategies in her office I left w/ written notes AND videos how to proceed w/ my at home program . She is creative , open minded and quick thinking in that if one way of performing an exercise does not work, she suggests an alternative way. Definitely recommend her!

Aleda Stamboulian

This letter is written to advise you of the excellent care provided to me by your staff member, Laura Loftus, PT. I most recently had a total right knee replacement at Northern Dutchess and my rehabilitation was complicated by a prior back surgery with resultant fibrosis of nerve roots and spinal cord. Additionally, I have a left leg weakness with a foot drop. I made my choice of NDH/Physical Medicine because of my previous wonderful experience with K. and was assigned this time to Laura Loftus, PT.


It is with pleasure that I tell you she is the most professional, caring, and conscientious PT. She took the challenge of my case and was not only understanding of my pain, but she never gave up. She always looked for new ways to compensate for my complex body in her therapy with me. She was creative, bright, cheerful, inspiring and always positive with a smile. Laura listened to me and was always conscientious of my pain with my back. She was absolutely a pleasure to work with on a personal basis. And the best part of all of this is the outcome! When I asked Dr. S. what he thought I could expect for the degree of bend in the new knee, he replied, “anything over 100 degrees would be gravy”. I was proud to report to him that working with Laura, I had obtained 124 degrees. That certainly is a tribute to her excellence in the therapy she provided.


You can be proud of all she does and she certainly is an asset to your staff!


Laura is a kind, intuitive and intelligent practitioner. She has helped release chronic conditions in my body as well as allowed me to explore where I am holding both physical and emotional patterns that cause many of these conditions. She works with a variety of modalities and her instincts are usually spot on when treating a patient, due to her extensive experience, knowledge and acute ability to listen. I always leave a session feeling much better both physically and mentally. I could not recommend her more.

Christine Schiavo

I’ve been suffering from back aches due mainly to a chronic rheumatic condition for 40+ years. I’ve taken all the drugs. I’ve had good days and bad. I saw Laura yesterday because I was in agony, and today I’m a completely new person. I still have lingering soreness, but I feel completely transformed, free from the restraints pain puts on us. The very thought of dancing could cause me pain, but today my wife was amazed to see me SPRING off the couch. And all with the gentlest of touches by Laura. I just can’t say enough—she’s amazing, empathetic, skilled, and knowledgeable. Most important — whatever it is she does just works.

Michael Hickins

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